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Sharmee attended the 3-day “Victim Support Services Conference”

In May 2016, Sharmee attended a three-day Victim Support Services Conference in Bangkok to better understand the nuances of victim assistance in the context of human trafficking and child sex trade.

The three day conference was conducted by the FBI’s Office for Victim Assistance with the backing of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). Even as human trafficking continues to be a grave problem in Thailand, the conference sought to enable senior officials in the Royal Thai Police to adopt a more victim-centred approach during investigations. The training emphasised that investigation procedures should not inflict further damage on victims and that officials can help victims be better witnesses by providing the right form of support.

The training was very relevant to Sharmee who often comes in direct contact with human trafficking victims and it also helped her keep abreast of the direction in which Thai authorities are moving in dealing with human trafficking.

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