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 Trust Conference, held in London from 15 – 16 November 2016, drew 700 global leaders from 60 countries. Conference participants, ranging from lawyers,activists to government representatives, were united under the banner of women empowerment and abolishing modern day slavery.

Sharmee was amongst the eager attendees who were able to learn from plenary sessions on topics such as child slavery, forced labour supply chains, migrant issues, women entrepreneurs and deradicalisation. The conference also exposed Sharmee to the voices of very diverse panel members – activists who fight injustice on the ground, policymakers who possess the power to make macrocosmic changes and corporate leaders whose economic power makes them indispensable to the fight against modern day slavery.

The conference culminated in tangible commitments made towards the following actions: fighting online sex trafficking, creation of jobs to restore the lives of slavery survivors and prevent re-trafficking, tapping into hotel industry networks to stop slavery, etc.